“Welcome to Idiotville”

Who are we?

The 4idiots are longtime friends who have always had a dream about making their mark in the world; to leaving a legacy.  At least three of the idiots have attempted to leave their mark by relieving themselves behind various bars around the globe.  One of them left his mark in all fifty states.  They all knew it wasn’t enough. They all wanted to do something more.

In 2021 the opportunity to leave their mark in a less offensive (if only slightly) manner came to light.  Several acres of desert property just off Historic Route 66 became available.  The property, previously owned by Saddle Sore Ranch, was at an ideal location.  A place where dark skies were lit only by bonfires and stars.  It was far enough away from main roads that folks could have a hell of a party and not disturb or be disturbed.  Idiotville was born.

Idiotville works closely with Saddle Sore Ranch (SSR) to provide a unique camping experiences for like-minded people.  We are an extension of SSR.  We want to help people get back to a less stressful life, if only for a day or two.  We are all about being stress free and having a good time. If you read that as “party time”, then you are welcome to join us.

In the near future, Idiotville will be up and running at 100%.  This will include boondock RV camping, tent camping, rustic showers, live music, cold beer on tap, evening bonfires, and of course, various themed activities. 

We hope to see you at an upcoming event.  Check out our page regularly, and feel free to help us out by getting our name out by purchasing some original swag.

Thanks for visiting!

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